Spring is in the air!

hen in houseThough the first day of Spring is just upon us, here at Bellair Farm we feel like we have been well into it for some time now. Already the greenhouse is filling up with onions, herbs, cabbages, fennel, lettuce and greens, and the fields have been sowed with our first plantings of peas, beets, parsnips and spinach. The days have been warm and scattered with spring showers and this morning a dramatic display of light and thunder from a passing storm provided my alarm instead of my usual disheartening wake-up of news radio. Red and gold is budding out everywhere in the trees and the pastures are quickly greening up from their drab winter clothes.

Spring is a time of renewal, if we are to listen to the poets, or simply look around us. Farmers, of course, are well acquainted with this, their entire livelihood being dependent on the explosion of light, warmth, water and fecundity that arrives this time of year. Though it heralds a season ahead of hard work and tired nights after a time of (relative) rest, it is hard not to get swept up in the hope and sense of a brand new start that is such a part of this time of year. There is something deeply heartening about the yearly return of the morning song of robins and the evening call of the woodcock, the spotting clumps of dandelion greens in the field edges, the grasping shoots of new plants of all kinds, and the new/old rhythm of productive hard work and the accompanying anticipation of bounty to come. These and a million other events of Spring serve as a reminder that our world is still spinning on its axis, still working, still putting forth a place where we can make our home and find our way, to wherever we are going.

At Bellair Farm we are welcoming new folk to the fields, volunteers, shareholders, seasonal workers, visiting farmers, friends and family, but mostly now we are out there hard at work putting things into the ground with all the hope in the world. Come visit, and have a great day!


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