Eagles at Bellair Farm

  This Spring, during potato planting, we spotted a pair of bald eagles next to a field bordering the Hardware River.  Upon closer inspection, we discovered their nest.  Since one of the eagles is constantly in the nest right now, its big white head is visible from the field.  We […]

Bellair in the bleak midwinter

It’s nearing the end of January here in the Blue Ridge and things are looking a lot less green.  Tractor implements are resting where we left them after seeding cover crop in late fall and the greenhouse is used for keeping people warm rather than seedlings.  A butterfly-less ‘Operation Wings’ […]

Prolonging the Magic

The grasses are turning brassy, the chirping of the crickets has taken on a new timbre, and suddenly you realize: fall is practically here and the CSA season is practically over! We’ve already mostly said goodbye to the tomatoes, and while the other heat-loving crops will keep pumping out food […]

Beatin’ the Heat

We have power!!!! And not a moment too soon. Farm activities proceeded as usual through the power outage, they just required a little extra logistic finagling- generators already in place pretty much took care of the veggie cooler and greenhouse, a special tractor powered generator allowed us to pump water […]

Spring 2012 at Bellair Farm

Dear Members, Friends, and Fans, As you’ve no doubt noticed, spring has officially and emphatically SPRUNG! And the Bellair Farm crew is springing in to a frenzy of action to match it. The greenhouse overfloweth with onion, cabbage, lettuce, broccoli, and other seedlings. Beets, carrots, spinach and peas are in […]

A Visit from Murray Elementary

On Monday, we had a wonderful group of students, teachers and parents from Murray Elementary School visit our farm. The students have been growing veggies of their own in the school garden and everybody was excited to learn something about how we do things here. As a super bonus, we […]

Bellair Bees are Here!

    The Bellair menagerie is expanding again, this time to include bees. Honey bees! Long time partners in a wobbly dance of existential desire, humans and honey bees have co-existed for at least 10,000 years, as evidenced by several Mesolithic-era paintings found in Spain. We brought ours home Thursday, […]

A Visit to Monticello

I went to Monticello with a couple of friends a couple of weeks ago; I’m a new transplant to the region and my friends were just passing through, so it was a first time for all of us. First of all, I’ll say that I’m pleased to find myself in […]

Living On the Farm

One of the pleasures of farm life is the killer commute. Of course, this day and age, not every farm worker actually lives on the farm. Amongst our crew this season, we have a couple hands who come in from Charlottesville and one dedicated fellow who drives from Richmond! At […]

Hen is in the house!

We had a great opportunity the other day to show off one of our beautiful Rhode Island Reds! Jamie and his daughter Maggie took her to the Frost School for a great show and tell with the young students there. We are looking forward to getting some of these children […]