Add-on Shares

Partnership add-ons

We at Bellair Farm realize that we can’t grow everything, so we partner with other local producers to give you more options. If you are interested in weekly or monthly pickups of fruit, mushrooms, and more, stay tuned to hear about additional 2016 add-on shares. To reserve any of the below shares, call us at 434-244-0325.

Sharondale Mushroom Share

Duration: 20 weeks, beginning May 23 and ending October 3

Cost: 1/4 lb = $70, 1/2 lb = $130, 1 lb $240

What you get: Either a quarter- or half-pound portion of shiitake, lion’s mane, or oyster mushrooms from Sharondale Farm in Cismont.

Henley’s Orchard Fruit Share

Duration: 15 weeks, start TBD

Cost: $115 + tax

What you get: Five pounds of mixed fruit, much of it consisting of Henley’s peaches and apples, with some added nectarines, plums, and grapes or berries from other local farms.

Farmstead Ferments Shares

Duration: 6 months, with monthly pickups

Cost: Variable

What you get: There are many share offerings from Farmstead Ferments this year. Choose to get a monthly supply of krauts, pickles, or kefir sodas! See a Bellair crew member to get a sign-up menu!

Barefoot Bucha Growler Share

Duration: 17 weeks, Beginning May 23 and ending September 12

Cost: $288+tax

What you get: You will get a growler fill once a week for 17 weeks. With a normal value of $18 per fill, you’ll be getting the first fill and the growler itself for free!

Bellair-produced add-ons

Bellair Pork Share

Duration: One-time pick-up

Cost: $160 + tax

What you get: Mixed Bellair pastured pork cuts. You can expect pork chops, a mix of sausages, ground pork, a couple roasts, and some side meat.

Beef share

Duration: One-time pick-up

Cost: $120 + tax

What you get: Made up of beef produced by Steven James Farms. This is grass-finished beef raised in Southern Albemarle County — soon to be raised right on Bellair Farm! This share is 12+ lbs of mixed beef cuts, including ground beef, steaks, roasts, and beef bones. 

Bellair Carnivore Share

Duration: 6 months, with pick-ups once a month

Cost: $325 + tax

What you get: This is a pilot program for a Bellair-based meat share. For 2016, it will include Bellair pork, Bellair chicken, Steven James beef, and Bellair rabbit. Each month will consist of a mix of products with a value equal or greater than $60.