About Our CSA

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Farmers and consumers enter into a mutually beneficial relationship that supports the farm for the benefit of the local community. When you purchase a share ahead of the growing season you will be buying your vegetables for well below the market price. As a shareholder you also have the opportunity to be directly connected to the farm where your food is grown. You will have the opportunity, when you pick up your share, to chat with the farmer and crew, pick some of your vegetables, enjoy the farm, and receive a weekly newsletter with recipes and ideas for your table. The CSA benefits the farmer as well. Not only does the farmer get a committed customer but they also receive the annual income in the spring when it is most needed to buy seed and equipment for the coming season.

barn sunflowers


Bellair Farm’s CSA began in 2011. We operate for at least 22 weeks, beginning in mid-May and running through the end of October. On pick-up day we offer 12 to 20 different kinds of vegetables from which you may fill one of our standard-sized grocery bags (or a reusable equivalent). Each week we’ll have 1 or 2 limited items, but you may otherwise fill your bag however you like! Throughout the season our members will have access to 50 different types of vegetables and hundreds of varieties within those types. Visit our What You Get page for a sample season’s worth of vegetables.

Members also have the option to purchase fruit, mushroom, and meat shares through community partners.


Included in the price of our share is access to our farm’s pick-your-own fields. Coming down to the farm to pick up your produce offers a unique experience for you and your family. These fields contain bountiful goodies, including cherry tomatoes, hot peppers, flowers, herbs, beans, and other vegetables.

Our CSA Community

At Bellair, we strive to make our CSA more than just a retail experience. In addition to our pick-your-own fields, we invite members to enjoy our walking trail, picnic spots, and community events.

We also welcome members and the larger community to come out and get your hands dirty! We offer volunteer opportunities, including our new educational “Volunteership,” and service trips for groups of all ages! Visit our community page for more info!

For the younger members of our CSA community, we invite you to join the Green Zebras for an hour of farm learning and exploration! Every Saturday during CSA pick-up time, kids of all ages are welcome to participate in fun, hands-on activities led by Bellair staff. Kids will have an opportunity to learn about the vegetables and animals on the farm, to connect with nature, and to get excited about the food they eat! (Parent supervision please for children under 7 years of age)

Visit our Directions & Hours page for full schedule and directions.

Interested in a share? Click here.