Hen is in the house!

chickenWe had a great opportunity the other day to show off one of our beautiful Rhode Island Reds! Jamie and his daughter Maggie took her to the Frost School for a great show and tell with the young students there. We are looking forward to getting some of these children and plenty of others out to our farm to show off the whole flock! They are surprisingly entertaining to watch – after feeding and watering sometimes I just stand and observe them for a few minutes; it’s kind of like an open-air aquarium, mildly hypnotic and usually quite comical. I think of them as a schoolyard bunch of grade-schoolers, running around checking out this and that. I imagine one calling out ‘hey guys – over here!’ and they all dash across the yard, only to run back willy-nilly the other direction a few seconds later as something new catches their attention. When I’m in the yard they show boundless enthusiasm for pecking at my rubber muck boots and have a keen anticipation for any treats we might bring. They are observant gals as well, and will usually spot us coming as soon as we enter their field and all cluster up at the edge of the fence clamoring and clucking (if they’re not busy laying an egg in the coop!). As to that, they are laying very nicely (60+ eggs a day from a flock of 75!) and are happy and healthy. Come by for a free visit, tour and 1/2 dozen delicious eggs! And children get to name a hen! Good luck telling them apart, though…

Also!!! A reminder!!! This Saturday, April 9th, anyone and everybody is invited out to the farm for an opportunity to tour the farm, help us plant onions and potatoes, have a great picnic lunch and just generally have a good time out on our lovely farm! Come by any time between 9 and 1. See you there and tell your friends!


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