Crew Spotlight: Lane Rylander

This post is dedicated to the one, the only, Lane Rylander. Lane is in her third season at Bellair and is a real farm powerhouse, working full time at Bellair while helping out another area farm, Free Union Grass Farm, with their duck and chicken slaughter days.

Only Lane could look this effortlessly elegant while gutting a chicken.

She is an excellent tractor operator and a skilled harvester, producing the neatest beet bunches every time. We have always been able to count on Lane to show up and get work done and pick up the slack when we are short on staff. She pulls crazy early and/or late market shifts and still manages to stay organized and on top of things. Lane is also an artist, and the producer of many of the signs and labels we use at our farmer’s markets, if you’ve ever wondered!

Lane’s socks match the art in someone’s Volvo!

She is a fantastic chef, whipping up delicious crew lunches with little forethought or planning. I think she kind of likes seeing the terror in our faces when she says she doesn’t know what she’s making for lunch. Fortunately, her instincts in the kitchen serve her well and we have learned that when Lane is cooking, we are always in for a treat. Always on the move, after lunch Lane walks her sweet beast of a pup, Luka.

The look on Lane’s face when a CSA member gave us some of his homemade hot sauce.

A little-know Lane fact is that a Lane is actually a unit of measurement on the farm. The more Lanes, the better, and only Lane knows how many Lanes there are.

One of my favorite photos ever, a Crew Day exclusive of Jamie and Lane.

In her free time, Lane loves telling vague and confusing but factually accurate stories as well as hiking with Luka and going to pool parties.

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